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to check out our 1998 Florida Christmas vacation with Aunt Tina and Uncle Al! It was just beautiful in Florida and we had a wonderful time!  Even on the days it rained we had a good time.  St. Augustine is such an incredible place to visit.  There are pictures of Tim, my husband, Auntie and Uncle, Charley with his present, and Marshall and Yvonne (the blonde, young couple!).  There is also a view from our hotel. The ocean was just unbelievable! The sound alone can lull one to sleep!   One of our most favorite things to do was walk along the beach in the morning and collect beautiful shells.  Of course, most of the time I slept in, and Tim collected shells!  I love to pile them into large, glass containers or strew them amongst my flowers in the gardens.  Florida has great restaurants and shops.  Tina and I shopped with zest at cute, little shops with adorable, hand-crafted items. You know I left no store unvisited!  Tina and Al took us to the best joints in town for succulent ribs, and fresh seafood, other times to cute wharf-side restaurants.   Tim and I tackled Disney World on our own!   Be warned, be prepared to walk your feet off!  And we only went to one theme park!   Why is it you always need a vacation to recover from your vacation?!!


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We met neighbors Marshall and Yvonne, newlyweds and great kids!  Such a good-looking couple!! Marshall is young, vigorous and loves to surf!! Yvonne, a very sweet person, is lovely  and seems to be fun- loving, adventurous. She'll probably keep Marshall on his toes for quite some time!  We hope to visit them all again this year. Lou and Al have loved having them around.  Auntie and Uncle have since moved to their island in the sky, but we will all keep in touch!  We are looking forward to Thanksgiving with them!!



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