Garden Journal 4/30/96  

I am so thrilled each time something new is beginning to bloom or coming up again from the last season, that always thrills me!  Shasta daisies have spread everywhere, by division and from seed.  The pink anemones are up, the honeysuckle forming sweet, white flower buds.   Perfect little white flowers dance just above the strawberry plants.  I spot one bright red berry and quickly taste it.  Not quite ready, it is sour in my mouth yet still delicious!  A single yellow Dutch Iris has bloomed near the poppies.  Note: plant more of these.  They are lovely together.


Garden Journal 5/5/96

Bearded Iris blooms are everywhere!   So lovely, some are a pale lavender with ruffled falls, they smell like grape Kool-Aid!  A pale yellow/purple mix is more abundant.  They mingle with the Lady Wolford Iris, a lovely combination of yellow and lavender falls.  My favorites are a deep, royal purple iris, given to me by Aunt Gloria, they look terrific in any location.  I planted some next to some light, peach colored iris, what a sight!  Freesias have developed, but the flowers have not bloomed yet.   The daffodils are ending their show, pale ruffled apricot and white, sunny yellow, and twinkling white narcissus.  Note:  plant at least two hundred in one wide swath under the apple trees next season!

Creeping phlox is blooming, carpeting the earth with her pink dainty flowers, and the pink cheddar's are spiky, each one balancing a sweet ruffled flower.  A sweet clove scent fills the air.


Garden Journal 5/6/96

We planted grapes! Seedless green, and seedless flame, two of each.  They are starting to leaf out. Harvest will not be for a few years.  But I am excited!  My lemon tree sports tiny little green lemons.  Last year we had two lemons! If I can keep her warmer this year, we may have at least six or seven.  Their flowers are so pleasingly fragrant and the evergreen leaves are useful in potpourri and dried flower arrangements.   The purple iris looks outstanding next to the white picket fence.  Oh, I see the Raspberry Parfait dianthus coming through and the beautiful corn blue of the borage flower, fuzzy leaves kind of a gray-green color.  These look great with the daisies and white lilies. 

The wild sweet peas once again are making a stand in the knoll garden, lavender and pink, dainty swirls of delicate colors.  I have planted white sweet peas, and they are curling around everything in its way.  A few have bloomed and the scent is divine.  Their scent is stronger than the wild sweet peas.  I applied a systemic rose food to all the roses, and am waiting to see how effective it will be.  The Vinca that we planted two years ago is finally taking hold, she sports purple flowers.  This groundcover is evergreen and spreads quickly once established.  Now I know what that takes two to three years to get established, then the race is on!!

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