Garden Notes              

Welcome to my garden!   Sometime during each season, I wander through the gardens with a notebook.  I ponder and examine each garden, taking notes on what is happening in the gardens and the plants' progress.  I notice the artistry of its colors, its mood, and its structure.  I note what is especially pleasing, what successes and failures have occurred.  I work to create inspired locations, vignettes of life, charming little scenes.  Not merely a collection of plants, but plants I love, each slice a picture in itself.  So much of gardening is a happy accident.  It is what we do with that happenstance that results in a creation, a living tribute. 

 Oftentimes, these things that just 'happen', are not contrived, but meant to be.   This is the 'magic' in each garden and from that we can build, carrying the theme throughout the whole, weaving our loves, our hopes, and our aspirations amongst the flowers of each season.  Carnations have a long blooming season

I remember my grandmother's gardens.  She had the gift of touch for her garden was inspiring.  I was only ten at the time, but I will always carry the memories of her roses, and the dazzling dragonflies, emerald green and brilliant blue, darting in and out of the gardens.  Their delicate wings would shimmer brilliantly in the sunshine as they rested upon rose leaves.  I remember her grape arbor, heavy with beautiful, lime-green leaves, bunches of grapes dripping over the sides, progressing into summer until the boughs were heavy with the rich, sweet, fruit of the vine. Ladyfingers, seedless grapes, long, oval, and so very sweet.  The scents of my flowers take me back in time to that garden and brings my grandmother once more to my side.

Arrangements are striking in simple containersThe following pages are entries from my garden journal, a small floral, bound book, pages I have filled through the last few years.  I have included some notes at the end of some as ideas came to me while walking about, notes to remind myself about these ideas.  Oftentimes I have strived to capture this living beauty on canvas as I love to paint. This artist's eye, as I gaze at the gardens, helps me to contrive schemes, and balance colors and movements, reaching in my mind's eye, the garden-to-be. My late discovery of gardens and gardening only about six years ago inspired me to paint my gardens with colors, the colors of my memories, to fill the land with them and to listen to their music, a perfect symphony. 

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