As many of you have discovered, there is a wealth of information, entertainment, and fun just waiting for you on the internet.   Here are just some of the interesting links I have discovered and enjoyed! 


Mieko's Home

This website, created by my friend, Mieko, in Japan, is one of the most charming sites I have ever visited.  She lets you experience the journeys she has taken, and the people she has met, complete with color photos.  She describes her impressions of the USA on her last visit, welcomes you to her garden, and to share in her daily activities via a personal journal.  You won't want to miss this one!




Two Wrinkly Gardeners

We all realize how much work real gardening is and how much pleasure it brings us, in countless ways.  These two ambitious gardeners have created a most amazing paradise.  This website is fantastic!  The lushness and design of this incredible garden  created by two people is humbling to see and totally inspiring!



Orchids, Etc!!

This talented man not only writes intriguing short stories, but cooks and offers wonderful recipes, and is very knowledgeable about plants, especially orchids!   Be sure and visit his page.   You will be glad you did!



The Tree house

This is a most amazing website (he also creates web pages, personal and business!), and not only because my nephew created it! But because this ingenious young man created a tree house!  He has made a name for himself in the Tree House communities of this country! He includes blue prints for his tree house, delicious recipes, and folklore with a punch.




Gold panning           

One of the fun things to do in the gold country, panning for gold has become quite the tourist attraction.  There are even gold panning courses where your guide takes you  go to a river and you can pan for gold, and if you are lucky enough to strike it rich, you get to keep the gold you find! This site introduces you to gold panning and offers links to other places, all 'gold' infused!




Ghost Towns

About four years ago, Tim and I took some friends in our motor home to Bodie, California.  This is located in Mono County, southeast of Bridgeport, in the high desert country.  Bodie was once a bustling mining town, and now it is kept in what they call 'arrested decay' which means it is now a state park and being maintained so that others may enjoy a bit of California's vital history.  It was so awesome to visit an actual ghost town, and look into the buildings where people once lived, their things laying as if they had stepped out for a moment.  To walk the dirt streets, visit the little graveyard, and study the artifacts in the main building was quite an adventure.



Star Gazing

One of the most wondrous things about living up high in the mountains is seeing the sky literally crowded with stars, shining, magical stars.  Romantic stars, twinkling stars.  Many nights are so clear you can almost see the man in the moon.   This site is most enjoyable, it covers events, the hobby, and great links.   Enjoy your stargazing more! The sky will never look the same to you again.





This is a photographers dream site! Beautiful, actual photos of rock formations, kinds I have never heard about, much less seen! This site is very thorough and has interesting facts, and lore.  There is a virtual cave which takes all the mystery out of the whole cave thing.  You will want to bookmark this one!



Music! Music! 

This is one of the best music sites! Tons of music, great links, and so easy to download! I often get caught up in the music with its associated memories, and the sheer number of tunes to listen to! I could spend all night downloading!! You will enjoy the wide range of midis offered here! Enjoy!

More Music!

Laura's Midi Heaven is back! and better than ever! She has much more than midis, you will spend hours here.  Check it out



Hey! Cyber Cookbook!

If you love cooking and great recipes, this is the place for you!



Graphics & Backgrounds

This site offers gentle, pastel backgrounds, and an assortment of graphics.  The various sets offered are wonderful.  She also has two cute children's pages.  The custom graphics on the Kids Place site and the banner on the Rose page were designed by Stepfrdwfe. What talent!



Cool Screen Savers at Webshots

Just an amazing array of screensavers!  And free!



Aerial and Satellite Views

Ever wish you could fly? Go up in a helicopter or airplane and see what wondrous views there are? Well, this site will make your dreams come true.  Really awesome photos and views.



 Debbie's Garden Tour Map with Photos


This site is truly wonderful.  When I first found it, I just loved clicking on the various cameras set up throughout her garden page, then closing in on a section of the yard to see the details.  I decided that this is what I wanted to do...put my garden on the web for others to enjoy, and to share my many experiences in creating a garden from nothing but weeds, brambles and bare earth. This was the inspiration for my website!  I know you are going to love this site! She also has links which give us a peek into other personal gardens, and some wonderful tours!



More wonderful Orchids!

This is a comprehensive site which will introduce you to the world of Orchids.  It features wonderful photos, an Orchid encyclopedia, and links.  The passion she has for Orchids certainly comes through.   You will truly enjoy this site.

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