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     One of my earliest memories is of my PaPá, mom's great grandfather, who lived with us for awhile.  We lived behind Mather Air Force Base, in the family housing section.  I remember PaPá would take Sami and me on hot summer days to the 'rock quarry', past the houses, out into the fields, to a spot hidden in a deep ravine, sheltered from the world, that held  secrets most precious.  He showed us how to break old rocks in half to reveal the sparkling treasures within. He taught us how to select the finest, showed us how to choose the rocks that would hold the promised jewels.  A full afternoon was  illustrated in the  strewn rock halves glittering in the sun; crystals of amber, rose and lavender, the finest of which we carried home in  our pockets.   He also walked among the sheep grazing there, bringing spring babies to us to pet and cuddle.

       When I was five I remember Sami, my little brother, getting down on his hands and knees so I could step up on his back to reach the cookie jar.  Shared cookies are never so good as when hard won, forbidden before-dinner treats!  His little brown and tan rag doll sat nearby and approved with a wink.  Sami was always with  me, my sweet little brother, eager to share in my adventures.

          When I was about seven years old, a fun thing to do after Christmas was to make 'forts'.  We would   gather  the neighbors' Christmas trees from the curbs to construct this magnificent structure, our mighty fortress!  If we were lucky, glittering strands of silver icicles would remain among the branches. 

We covered the fort in white sheets, for warmth in the cool evenings and for privacy lest we were ambushed!  Little beams of light escaped through the holes in the sheets where the trees poked through as we shone our flashlights on the comic books we so enjoyed reading! The kinship was warm and our giggles and laughter floated up through the night, kissing the stars.

    Many memories, of family, of distant relatives, of special friends, and wondrous places.  A memory can be triggered by a sound, a scent, an image -- and immediately, you are transported back to that place in time, to cherish, to remember, to enjoy the memory.

 Enjoy these pictures of our family.  They are captured moments in time--moments of love, of humor, pieces of family history carefully wrapped in love for a treasured tomorrow.

One of eight children, I have enjoyed countless family get-togethers; group baseball games, picnics at McKinley Park- playing tennis under the stars with about ten of us on the courts at once!  What fun!

And on Saturday mornings, Glenn would fix the most incredible pancakes! Soft, fluffy, buttery--good enough to eat plain, rolled up with butter!  And Oh! his wonderful home-made French fries! 

Create some memories with your family, moments to warm the heart and enrich the soul.  Golden memories that will always keep your loved ones 'alive' in your heart forever.



 Tim & Me in Bodi













Mowing Chores




Tino & Tempus




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My husband, Tim



We visit Tyrone in his last days



Tina & the Boys





 An Ice Cream Moment









Aunt Lu Lu




 Cousin Eric & Sherzy




Fun in L.A.




Tim at Walker River


Chalia & Chris




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Nate and Ken


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