Chicken Facts and Lore




Chickens have been around for centuries. Chickens bathe every day, rustling around in the dry, fine dirt until they have formed a shallow basin. Then they set in the basin, fluff the dirt all around into their chest and feathers, flinging it into the air. 

This cleans them of excess oils and bothersome bugs. It is quite comical to see four to seven chickens 'dust bathing' at the same time. 

Roosters love the voices they were born with. Ever since biblical days, they have been crowing in the middle of the night. Our five roosters crow at three in the morning, four in the morning and six in the morning!

Sometimes they get a hankering and crow during the day! Often two or three roosters will have crowing contests and they all crow at the same time! What a ruckus! They are as loud as frogs in summer evenings!! 




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