I want to thank all of you that have visited our website, our home, and were pleased, amused, or moved to bestow an award for our creative efforts.  I would also  like to thank all of those who responded so favorably to  my invitation  to visit us. Now that we have sold our home, these awards will be nice memories that will last forever!

Each featured award is linked to that award site.  Please visit these sites, they are wonderful, created by talented and generous people.  And their sites will have links to other wonderful places!     


My Very First Award!  I am so jazzed!


The critters just loved this!


Most Honored!


A wonderful Award!


Jill's Best!


How exciting!


Thank you, Thank you!


What a beauty!


A Super Award!


For my beautiful gardens!

Thank You!


For Design, Html and Layout!


I am thrilled!


A Special Visitor!


The Prestigious Gold Lace Award 2000!


Golden Web 2000-2001

In recognition of creativity, integrity

 and excellence on the Web!



For Page Excellence in 2001!



Reale Wonderful Website Award 2001!



Moosey's new Country Charm Award,

First awarded to Dunn Farm!



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