HARVEST 1999    

Welcome to our vegetable garden harvest! The following pictures are of last summer's plantings.  Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.


We started with only premium seeds, one type we used was Burpee's.!







This is where our seedlings got their start, our new greenhouse.

The little seedlings are strong and healthy, ready to go out into the garden. They already have been hardened off, left out in the natural, away from the greenhouse, for limited periods of time.  This allows them to adapt more easily once planted.



The second week after transplanting seedlings into the garden;  The rows are mulched to conserve moisture and deter weeds, plus providing a mud-free pathway! The seedlings look healthy!


Our vegetable garden, facing northwest, surrounded with deer fencing, the forest beyond.  In front are cucumbers and eggplants, in the back are tomatoes, to the right are Roma tomatoes, and melons.  This is only the northeast side!


Summer Harvest

The berries were very plentiful this year, producing from late spring until after frost!  We froze many, dried some, and made lovely jam too.  Mostly we just ate them hot and juicy straight from the fields!


'Champion' tomatoes produced all season!

 Just the right size for salads!

In 2000, we grew only tomatoes, and let the ground go fallow until this year, 2001.  We have a moderate sized garden this year, growing cucumbers, melons, corn, squash, basil, carrots, peas, and pumpkin.


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